Client References

Client Dog Training References

Morgan from Oregon with Maya for advance obedience in February 2017

Krista with Maki for advanced obedience in February 2017

Michael Allen Mc Britte with Ava for advanced obedience in February 2017

Matthew with Harper for intermediate obedience training in March 2017

Hanna and John with Ruger for advanced obedience training in February 2017

Michelle with Bodhi for advanced obedience training in April 2017

Demetrioes MCgruber with Chase vom Heidelberger-Schloss for intermediate obedience training in April 2017

Karen with Archer for advanced obedience training in April 2017

Brian with Layla for advancedobedience training in April 2017

Rob Family from San Fransico with Snowy for advanced obedience training in April 2017

Arthur and Joan with Solo for advanced obedience training in April 2017

Solo is doing great, I have taken her out in public and to the store. she is easy to handle and follows commands. I have worked her off leash also and she does well. Still has the puppy in her but when I get her to focus all is good. – Thanks


Jo Jo

Lisa Marie Evans Family with 4 month old Jo Jo  for Basic Obedience Training in January 2017.


Lupe and Rocky with Trixie for Intermediate Obedience Training in January 2017.


Jessica and Brandon with Charlie for Intermediate Obedience training in December 2016.


Phil Davis Family with Jasper for Advanced Obedience training in December 2016.


Stuart Jackson with Berlin for advanced obedience training in November 2016

Sabrina Bennett Family with Kimber for advanced obedience training in November 2016

Alycia and Kasey with Koda vom Heidelberger-Schloss for advanced obedience training in October 2016

Desiree Sanches with Karra for advanced obedience training in November 2016

RavenSean Fernandez Family with Raven for advanced obedience training in August 2016

OnyxJeremy Siebels with Onyx for Intermediate Obedience training in August 2016


Heather Hayward with Max for Intermediate Obedience training in September 2016

Hi Thomas

I wanted to thank you for the great job you did with our German Shepard, Alta. Despite us working hard with him with our local trainers he was still being overly aggressive around strangers and with other dogs. We weren’t certain that we would be able to keep our beautiful dog. Thankfully we brought him to you and because of your skill and ability to shape his (and our) behavior, he is truly a wonderful dog. Alta is more sure of himself, far less reactive to other people and animals, and just plain fun to take out on walks both on and off leash.
Heather and I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for Alta and us and we would recommend you to anyone without any hesitation.

Thank you again Thomas!
Eric L Martin MD FACS


Eric & Heather from Oregon with Alta for advanced obedience training in July 2016


Mike & Catina Wodmansee with Wotan vom Heidelberger-Schloss for advanced obedience training in July 2016


Nick and Michelle with Klaus for advanced obedience training in May 2016


Peg Heuer Family with Rex for intermediate obedience training in July 2016


Juanita with Kelly for basic obedience training in July 2016

Armando with King a Cane Corso and Brownie Chocolate Lab  for Intermediate Obedience training in April 2016


Bruce Hardwick Family with Mac a Weimaraner for Intermediate Obedience training in April 2016


Steve Janice Family with Viona for advance obedience training in June 2016

Jr. Asfour with Rocky for Personal Protection training in March 2016


Leigh Anne Torres Family with Hudson 5 month old for advanced obedience training in March 2016

Ed Goldkuhl with Chewie for Intermediate Obedience training in March 2016


The Reece Family with Zelda for Intermediate Obedience training in March 2016


Samantha Sexson with Wednesday for advance obedience training in February 2016


Max and Kimmi with Titus for Intermediate Obedience in February 2016


Andrey with Bars vom Heidelberger-Schloss for Intermediate obedience training in November 2015


Sharon with Zara for advanced obedience training in November 2015


Anthony & Diane Acioa with Doberman, Mussolini, for Intermediate Obedience training in February 2016


Maria and Thomas Tracey with Queen for advance obedience training in July 2015


Julie Stewart with Nytro  for intermediate obedience in August 2015


Sandra Palmer Family with Rossi and Barett for advance obedience in August 2015


The Rogers Family with Coal for advanced obedience training in July 2015


The Main Family with Anka vom Heidelberger-Schloss and Heidi vom Heidelberger-Schloss both for advanced obedience training in July, 2015.


The Patty Degischer Family with Sam for advanced obedience training in July 2015


Leslie and Jonathan Ludwig with Heisenberg for intermediate obedience in June 2015


Jordan and Bobbie Jacobs with Maverick for advanced obedience training in June 2015


Jon and Michelle Becker Family with Eva for intermediate obedience training in July 2015


Ken-ValerieWe were crying out to Jesus, in desperation. We tried 2 different dog trainers to train our German Shepard name Lilies. Treats were used along with other methods, a lot of money and time, with little success. We searched online for a German shepherd dog trainer. We found Thomas Sauerhoefer, a German shepherd trainer out of Browns Valley. Our dog Lilies is radically changed because of his excellent training. We met with Thomas, he answered all our questions, and that day we decided for Thomas to personally train Lilies at the age of 1 year old. We left Lilies at Thomas’s site for six weeks of training. I (Valerie) was concerned leaving our dog.Thomas went the extra mile, meeting all my concerns. We were continually in contact with Thomas during Lilies training ,we even watched our dog being trained from a distance. Thomas worked with us; he is patient and was very helpful in explaining his training methods. After the initial training, we have been almost weekly working with Thomas at his training site. Now Lilies is almost 100% responsive to us and respects our commands. We bring questions to Thomas and he gives us answers ,he has been so ,so helpful and responsive.. We are very grateful for Thomas’s excellence in dog training.We have a amazing dog with excellent behavior due to Thomas training.thanks so Thomas.

Thank you Thomas,
Ken and Valerie Muzio

John 3:16,For God loved the world so much, that He gave His one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.

Thanks Thomas… we are working Tighe everyday and trying to maintain your wonderful work… thanks for being there for us Tighe told me this morning that Thomas is the German Shepherd whisperer!!
Tony & Kathy White

First, thank you for training Bruno, my Six Month old German Shepard. The Advanced Obedience Training you did was amazing! You are truly one of the best. People should only come to you with there GSD for training!!

Bob Rai

I was looking for a Trainer to train my German shepherd . I did a lot of research and Thomas Sauerhoefer stood out from the rest!!He’s very professional and caring of your needs and wishes. He will answer your questions that you have honestly . I would recommend Thomas to anyone!!! he has trained rocky in obedience and now we are working on BH title and protection work.

Ali Mohamed 04/07/2010

I am the owner of a wonderful German Rottweiller from a long line of high caliber dogs. She is very smart and physically powerful, making her challenging to train. I tried a number of local trainers who all failed at giving me what I needed. I discovered that all dog trainers (or even large dog trainers) are not equal.  After a long search, I found Thomas and decided that a 2 ½ hour journey was worthwhile if he could help me. It was immediately clear that Thomas was in a different class to any other trainer I’d worked with. He has a gift for “reading” dogs. He understands and responds effectively to each dog’s individual psychology. There is no training “formula” to fit all dogs.

Thomas tailors his training specific to the needs of each dog/ handler team. I was prepared to follow Thomas’s advice and put the time into my dog. Thomas was able to help me gain control over my dog and we made rapid progress. After working with Thomas a few months my dog is well mannered and well trained. I am frequently approached by strangers in public areas who comment on what a well behaved, well disciplined Rottweiller I have. People ask me where she was trained.

After such a successful initial experience, I became interested in the sport of Schutzhund. Being from Germany, Thomas believes that Schutzhund is a family sport and people participate in it because they enjoy working their dogs. He has tried to cultivate this feeling in his Marysville club. While each dog/handler team benefits from Thomas’s expertise, it is the camaraderie extending from his basic attitude towards the sport that makes it worth the drive to participate in the club. My dog has passed the first formal test, and we are now working towards Schutzhund titles. I believe this is due to all the individual attention Thomas gives to club members.

I hope you can benefit from my experience and see for yourself that Thomas is a very special and talented trainer, whether you are interested in training for advanced Schutzhund titles or in just getting your pet to be a model example of the perfect canine citizen.
Colette Campbell-Jones
Hayward CA

I would like to thank Thomas for taking the time and patience to train my male, 18 month old German Shepherd, Max.

We are stationed in Frankfurt, Germany with the United States Air Force. We purchased Max at 10 months of age from and abusive and neglecting home. Needless to say, behavior problems arose towards strangers (especially men) and other dogs.

I was attending a Schutzhund club to learn the sport and to work out the behavior problems when a trainer got bit. Max reacted to improper handling from a trainer who didn’t know Max and had never worked with him. The president of the club would not allow me to work with Max until he had a temperament test done by an SV judge. Any other advice or suggestions that I got were to send Max off to be a police dog. He was too aggressive. The situation seemed hopeless.

I could not bear the thought of getting rid of him. I felt that he deserved more of a chance then everyone wanted to give him. Max had never shown signs of aggression towards my 3 year old son, 18 month old daughter, or my husband and I.

I mentioned to my husband that I found someone on the USA website that takes behavior problem dogs and trains them. This seemed like our last shot to keep Max. My husband suggested that I call.

When I told Thomas the situation, he was not negative about Max’s problems. He guaranteed he would work out the aggressiveness. He not only took Max on short notice, he trained him here in Germany while visiting and training his dogs.  After two months, Max came home a different dog with a BH title. Thomas did an excellent job and Max loves him. He also told me that he would help me to train Max towards his SCH title.

Thomas was very patient with my many phone calls and questions regarding Max, training, and Schutzhund. He is honest, has integrity, and professionalism. As a new comer to the sport of Schutzhund, this is greatly appreciated. Now my training begins!

To anyone with questions about your dog or Thomas’ abilities, I hope this help to quell any doubts on your mind! I would recommend Thomas to anyone!

Max, Pam and Eddie Lewis

It has been our pleasure to know and associate with Thomas Sauerhofer since early in 1997. Primarily, our association has centered around his professional work with our Rottweilers. Thomas has trained two of our our males and both have been awarded the German “B” title. It is our intention to continue toward Schutzhund titles. 

During all our contacts with Thomas, he has conducted himself in a friendly and professional manner and the training has been very effective. On two or three occasions, we have boarded our males with Thomas. When we approach his residence, the dogs ‘sense’ where we are going and really get excited. They love Thomas and this tells us that he treats them very well!

It is a privilege to recommend Thomas and his ability to train.
Ray and Gail Hubbartt
Alvarado, Texas

Thomas Sauerhoefer has been a great help to me. I have a German import male rottie that had a very big problem. He would not let anyone other than myself, my husband, or my friend Cherry touch him. Evidently the previous owner attempted to put some personal protection training on Morro, my male. Needless to say no one could handle him other than us. There was no one who would help me rectify this problem. No one until Thomas that is.

Thomas was not afraid of the dog and offered to help me. No one else would touch Morro with a ten foot pole. I even tried a big name trainer…he was afraid of the dog and did not help me in the least! They thought he was too sharp and was dangerous. I knew he was not, and Thomas agreed with me and saw that in the dog too. He saw the clarity in his eyes and confidence he had during training. Indeed he did help me!! He helped me a great deal, to the point which I was able to title Morro to a Sch II. This is just one fine example of Mr. Thomas Sauerhoefer’s work with dogs.

Mary Ann Herring

Over the past year, Thomas has trained two of our Doberman Pinchers. We first used Thomas because of a recommendation and due to the fact that we had a Male Doberman that was very hyper and virtually seemed UN-trainable Thomas guaranteed us that he could achieve the results needed to get his obedience training and certificate.

We left Sebastian with Thomas for a couple months and then picked him up until the next trials. The first attempt, Sebastian failed due to the fact that he figured out that my wife and I were there and he became so excited that when left alone, he ran full speed, smelling the air and found us in the crowd in a matter of seconds. The next showing after a couple weeks of refresher, he did so well, that Sebastian and Thomas received a standing ovation from the spectators. Sebastian performed picture perfect. 
This was very impressive to us and we sent him a second Doberman and after only two weeks, Shelby passed the first time with no errors. Shelby is a very calm Doberman and thus much easier to train. Thomas did not charge any more to train the very “wild & active” Sebastian than he did to the “normal” Shelby. He guaranteed his success and stood up to the achievements that he indicated he could accomplish.

We could not be any more happy with the expertise that was demonstrated by Thomas. We highly recommend Thomas from our experiences with him as a great dog trainer!

Martin and Claudia Hubbartt

Excellence in Training

I met Thomas about 1 ½ years ago at a trial when he first came to California. After then, I saw him handle dogs at numerous trials and shows. I knew that he lived more than 2 ½ hours from me so I never considered training with him.

In May of 2004, I was getting my dog ready for a trial and was having big problems in tracking. At that point, my dog was on the road to failing the tracking portion of SchH 2. In desperation, I sought out Thomas’ help. Thomas met my dog and I for two training sessions, three weeks before the trial. When the trial was completed, my dog had earned a score of 96 out of 100 points in tracking and had earned the highest score of all the trial dogs in tracking. I was totally elated!!! I knew it was Thomas’ excellent teaching helped us achieve this!

Since that trial, my dog and I have been training with Thomas in all three phases. I can see improvement in every session. That is the way training should be…progress at each session! I cannot brag enough about the wonderful training that Thomas has and is providing for my dog and I.

Karen Wolff
Zwinger vom Roten Wald
Fremont, CA