Black German Shepherd Breeders California

9 Questions to Ask for Finding a reputable German shepherd breeder in Calfornia

Once you have made up your mind to get a german shepherd dog, the starting point should be to ask around your community for information about black german shepherd breeders California. Your vet might know of a good breeder in the area and can also caution you against breeders that regularly produce unhealthy or emotionally unstable dogs.

Black German Shepherd Breeders California

There are some questions that you must try to evaluate when you meet a german shepherd breeder.

These questions are listed below,

1.How long has the owner has worked with a black german shepherd breeders California?

The longer the german shepherd the owner has worked with working line german shepherd breeders in California the more certain you are that he/she takes the breeding serioualy.

2.What are the congenital defects common to this breed?

A legitimate working line german shepherd breeders in California will not only be willing to tell you what these defects are but will be willing to mention even rarer defects because they want you to be aware of any potential health problems that arise.

What steps have you taken to decrease the risks of these conditions developing in your dogs? Your breeder should be able and willing to not only outline how her breeding program works to decrease these hereditary diseases but, should also be willing to show you that both the male and female that were mated have been tested for various congenital defects and received a clean bill of health.

3.Will the puppy come with a genetic guarantees and how long will the gaurantee last?

Many of the german shephard breeders in california will clearly outline any guarantees and in many cases will either exchange the puppy or give you the money back should your dog develop any congenital disease covered under the warranty.

4.You must ask if you can see there parents?

Many times the German Shepherd breeder will allow you to see the mother but, the father will probably not be on site. This is actually good news as it is evidence that the breeder has taken the time to find the best stud possible and has to go to another kennel.

5.You must know if the puppys have been raised in house or outside?

This can be important because you do not wand puppy to be afraid of in house sound or activities.

6.What has been done to socialize the puppies?

A good german shepard breeder in california will have seen to it that the puppy has been handled by variety of adults and children.,,

7.Have the puppies have been checked by a vet and have the had all the necessary inoculations?

A good German Shepherd breeder will have had the puppies checked by a vet and if they are old enough all inoculations updated.

8.May i see the pedigree on the mother and father and will i be getting a full or limited pedigree puppy.

9.Could you give me references from people who have purchased puppies from you? A good german shepherd breeders southern California will be happy to furnish you with references as they know that satisfied customers are their best advertisement.

The answers to these questions will tell you whether or not you have chosen the right breeder.

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