More Training Tips

  • Bond the dog to you by giving him love and making him respect you. Trust him & make him trust you.
  • Always train the dog on leash. Teach the dog what you want from him an make sure the dog understands your command and what you want.
  • Use your first command to give him the chance of obeying correctly. The second command and subsequent commands are always a correction.
  • When the dog obeys on the first command, he gets praised.
  • What constitutes praise in a dog? Praising is done to stabilize and make the dog feel safe during the exercise of the command so he knows he did it right. Praising is not done to make dog happy or to over-excite, it is done to stabilize the dog.
  • When you want to make the dog happy, you play with him When you play with him he jumps around, etc.

Remember, don’t make the dog excited and don’t make the dog scared when you praise him. Do the praise in a calm voice.

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