My German Shepherd Puppy Wont Stop Biting

If the biting persists even after his teething period, it important to know how to stop your German shepherd from biting. One good reason why a German shepherd bites a lot is: he most likely did not receive proper training as a youngster. Sometimes owners can be a bit too gentle and lenient towards their puppies, leaving unwanted behaviors such as biting ignored or encouraged. My German shepherd puppy won’t stop biting is the solution for your dog’s biting problem.

When a German shepherd is not properly trained, he might start to bite at strangers, visitors, and random household objects. This behavior should be corrected and controlled immediately or somebody might end up hurt. For German shepherd puppies, biting are game they love to play. They bite their brother and sisters and this is usually harmless. Sometimes puppies can hurt their playmates unintentionally and this will result in a sudden and loud puppy cries. This sound is a sign that you should intervene for a time out.

My German Shepherd Puppy Wont Stop Biting

My German Shepherd Puppy Wont Stop Biting

There are different ways in our, My German shepherd puppy won’t stop biting to stop your German shepherd from biting. If your puppy bites because he is teething, it is not really a problem but if this habit gets out of hand, you may choose to do the following tips.

Say no to your German shepherd puppy when they start biting-

You should make German shepherd know that biting is an unacceptable behavior. Let your German shepherd know this through hand signals, body language, or voice commands. When your German shepherd bites you, it’s okay to say “ouch”. After that, pull your hand away from your German shepherd and tell him “No”.

Move or walk away from your German shepherd and stop playing. It might be hard to resist their charm but mind this: when you stop playing with your German shepherd the moment he bites, he will understand and associate no play with biting. This may not work the first time you do it but with practice, your German shepherd may easily pick up the message and learn that biting is no-no.


Be consistent with your German shepherd to remove the biting problem –

The key in successful dog training is consistency. To stop your German shepherd from biting, you will need to repeat the technique you prefer several times before you succeed. You will also have to be your dog’s leader and not a friend of the same level. When you are a leader, you are doing your dog a favor.

Reward your German shepherd with a treat to appreciate them-

German shepherds are smart and they will most likely understand what you want him to do and not do. If your German shepherd follows your commands, never forget to reward him with a treat. Give your German shepherd treats as a reward whenever he learns something. Just be sure to have adequate treats in your hands or pocket when training.

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My German shepherd puppy won’t stop biting offers opportunities for your puppy to play safely with other dogs. Have everyone react the same way to every bite, never allow your puppy to mouth your fingers and you’ll successfully stop your puppy from biting. Puppies like all children, love attention if you yelp and then ignore the puppy, they will quickly learn that if they want your attention or to play with people they can’t bite.

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