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Ino vom Heidelberger-Schloss

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Dear Thomas,

alta I think you know by now that meeting with you was nothing short of a Godsend When we first spoke our sweet German Shepherd dog “Lily” was almost 3 years old,extremly
actice and very spoiled and though she had Basic Obedience Training in her first year, her attention span was very short.Her jumping on Family members for attention was no longer cute and her uncontrolled barking was causing tension among our Neighbors.

I searched for a Trainer for some time but no one seemed to fit our needs, then I found you. From the moment we first spoke I knew you were the only one Trainer for us. Your 40 years of experience , dedication and expertise with German Shepherd dogs told me you were the one and only Trainer that would be able to handle Lily, but the thought of leaving her was extemely stessful for us. you sad “Trust Me” I am going to make a Lady out of Lily. Though it tore at my insides to leave her I said ” I will”

Well, it was beyond our belief how you transformed Lily after spending just 6 weeks with you. Watsching you work with her and seeing how she obeyed each and every command with ease and respect for you showed me, you not only made a “Lady ” out of Lily you brought her to the Highest Level of Oedience and I could see Lily grew to Love you. In addition, the transfer of commands from Trainer to Owner was a breeze.

You have transformed Lily into a much calmer and disciplined dog. I could not believe she was the same little girl we brought to you just 6 weeks prior and the “Lifetime Guarantee” was the icing on the cake. She even gained a few pounds.

I not only HIGHLY RECOMMED Thomas of the German Dog Training Center as the best Trainer in California butchallenge his expertise against any Trainer NATIONWIDE.

Thnak you so much Thomas! You have literally changed the dynamic of our family as we are extremely proud of Lily,s newfound
behavior. Thanks to you she is now a greater Joy to be around

Rebecca , Dylan & Lily


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Dear Thomas,

altaWe would like to commend you on the excellent intermediate and advanced obedience training you did with our German Shepherd puppy Xyla. She transitioned over to us within a day performing all the commands you taught her. It is a pleasure for us to bring her daily in different environments from walking main street Ojai to busy sidewalks close to the beaches in Santa Barbara, where she faces Bicycles, Rollerbladers and other Dogs. It is a perfect scenario to acclimate us to various situations in order for us to reinforce your commands you trained her. Most important command and probably most difficult to teach is Fuss (heel in english) and Xyla performs this command very well.For her to walk beside us and pay attention to us is more then we could ask for. We are looking forward daily to our outings with her and it is rewarding for of us to see our soon to be 8 month old young lady grow in to a fine well behaved GSD.

Thank you again for all you did.

Xyla ūüôā

Gunther and Heidi


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Hi Thomas,

altaI wanted to thank you for the great job you did with our German Shepard, Alta. Despite us working hard with him with our local trainers he was still being overly aggressive around strangers and with other dogs. We weren’t certain that we would be able to keep our beautiful dog. Thankfully we brought him to you and because of your skill and ability to shape his (and our) behavior, he is truly a wonderful dog. Alta is more sure of himself, far less reactive to other people and animals, and just plain fun to take out on walks both on and off leash.

Heather and I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for Alta and us and we would recommend you to anyone without any hesitation.

Thank you again Thomas!

Eric L Martin MD FACS


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altaI HIGHLY recommend Tom as the BEST German Shepherd Trainer in California!!!! Our Dexter was out of control! Just taking him for a walk was such a chore, and a risk to others! Tom kept our Boy for six weeks and worked wonders on him!! When we watched him working with our GSD and showing his new level of obedience skills, we thought we were looking at our dog‚Äôs twin! This couldn‚Äôt be ‚ÄúOUR‚ÄĚ dog being so obedient and well behaved! Tom helped us beyond words! Now our 2 1/2 year old German Shepherd obeys commands, can go for a walk, and is so pleasant!!! I‚Äôm so grateful to Tom!! We tried everything with our dog and thought he was beyond help. Tom was our last resort after a neighbor highly recommended him. Tom was worth every dollar!!!! I highly recommend him with NO RESERVATIONS!!!! Our dog was a tough job, but Tom succeeded. THANK YOU HELPING OUR FAMILY!!!!!!

Patrick & Uylanda with Dexter


Butsch vom Heidelberger-Schloss only 12 weeks old doing Bite work on the Sleeve
He is from¬†my “E” litter and will be the next World Champion
–¬†Owned by Casey Smotheres

Butsch vom Heidelberger-Schloss 12 month old doing Courage test
– Owned by Case Smotheres

New ABC TV series “Final Witness”

Sacramento German Shepherd Puppies for sale at Sacramento German Dog Training Center with Thomas Sauerhoefer featured Rigor vom Heidelberger-Schloss and Yoschy vom Ketscher Wald.  We also specialize in German Shepherd and other Sacramento dog training for family protection, Schutzhund and Police work.  We sell and ship puppies to Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angels, San Diego, Las Vegas and just about anywhere else!

Both dogs studding and have German Shepherd Puppies for sale.

“V Yoschy vom Ketscher Wald” SchH 3, KKL1
Sacramento German Shepherd Breeding
Rigor vom Heidelberger Schloss

Sacramento German Shepherd Puppies for saleRigor vom Heidelberger-Schloss is a progeny from¬†Gundi vom Fuchsstein¬†and¬†Dack am Brenkelberg¬†out of my “R” litter.

I have bred, raised and trained Rigor myself. Rigor was just 19 months of age when I put a BH and Schh1 title on him in December 2008, just 2 months later in February of 2009, he earned his Schh2 and then 1 month later his Schh3 he was then just 23 months old with already a Schh3. Rigor missed qualifying for the World Qualifications by 5 points. Had he qualified, Rigor would have been the youngest dog in history participating in the World Qualification event.

He is a great Schutzhund dog out of solid bloodlines and he will have a great future in Schutzhund and breeding. He is the sire of my “Y” litter, “A” litter and my “E” litter .The “Y”, A” , and “E” litters were super litters, these puppies are great prospects for Schutzhund, so he is not only a super Schutzhund dog he is also a great producer. ¬†We have Sacramento dog training and German Shepherd Puppies.

Click here to see upcoming litters produced by Rigor
12/6 2008 BH Schutzhund title
12/7 2008 Schh1 Schutzhund title scores 98-93-80 271 real points
2/28/2009 Schh2 Schutzhund title scores 88-92-90 270 real points
3/28 2009 Schh3 Schutzhund title scores 90-85-90 265 real points
3/07 2010 IPO3 Schutzhund title

German Import Malinois For Police Use Now Available

In my 30 years of participating in Schutzhund trials in both Germany and the United States, I have trained and successfully titled over 350 Schutzhund dogs. Sacramento Dog Training РWe train all breeds!

Thomas Sauerhoefer was a Competitor at:

In Germany

  • FCI Qualification in 2001
  • FCI Qualification in 2002[/one_half]


  • USA North American Schh3&FH Championship in 2003
  • USA North American Schh3&FH Championship in 2004
  • GSDCA-WDA National/WUSV Qualifier in 2005
  • GSDCA-WDA National/WUSV Qualifier in 2006
  • GSDCA-WDA National/WUSV Qualifier in 2008

WDA Northwest Regional Show & Schutzhund Trial 

Sacramento Dog Training

Thomas Sauerhöfer with Igor v.Goldfuchs Schh3 IPO 3 best in Schh3 & trial.

Sacramento Protection Dogs for Sale

Thomas Sauerhöfer with Igor v. Goldfuchs 97 highest score in protection.

My name is Thomas Sauerhoefer. I am a breeder of German Shepherds since 1980 in Germany. I am the President and founder of the Marysville Schutzhund Club, and a member of the SV in Germany, United Schutzhund Clubs of America, and the GSDCA-WDA.

I came to America ten years ago from Germany. My goals are to help people obtain higher quality dogs through my breeding program and importing services and to offer the highest quality dogs for Schutzhund, show, family, and companion. I grew up with dogs all my life. When I was 10 our family got a wonderful boxer, and when I turned 16 we got a Rottweiler named Arko. A close friend of the family took him for schutzhund training because we needed a protection dog for our company. My interest and fascination with the sport of schutzhund took off. At age 18, I bought my first dog, a German Shepherd. I had fallen in love with the breed for their looks and intelligence.

I started my career in Schutzhund and Marysville dog training with Vasko, a German Shepherd with working bloodlines. I titled Vasko to a SchH 3 in only one year and then I bought a female named Banja and titled her to a SchH 3 too. After I got her titles and breed survey, I bred Banja to Vasko and had my first litter of pups. I kept a male pup from this breeding and named him Kim. I trained Kim to a SchH 3. I bred three more litters with Banja, always with good results.

One of the best training helpers in Germany was a member of my club and saw my love for the sport and talent for training dogs. He taught me everything about Schutzhund helper work. By the time I was 24, I started training dogs for other people, both working and show lines, because they also saw my talent for training.  Now I do Sacramento dog training and breeding.

Sacramento Dog Training and German Shepherd Puppies

We have Sacramento German shepherd puppies for sale! German Shepherd Puppies out of Top German bloodlines, Confirmation males and females with high¬†‘V’¬†and¬†‘VA’¬†ratings . Top Quality SchH1, SchH2, SchH3 working dogs, Dogs that are suitable for competition, family dogs, and untitled young dogs. I have excellent contacts with my friends in Germany to help you get the exact dog you are looking for at a very fair price. I have special connections with some great kennels in East Germany! To see dogs that are available now from Germany click on Show¬†or Working. ¬†We offer Sacramento dog training for all breeds.

German Shepherd Working Lines For Sale

Zwinger vom Heidelberger Schloss has an excellent selection of proven top working line German Shepherd puppies and adults. Click here to see a video of Riggor vom Heidelberger Schloss, one of the top working prospect German Shepherd puppies that has come out of the Zwinger vom Heidelberger Schloss German Shepherd Puppy breeding program. More videos can be seen on the Progeny page of German Shepherd puppies and young adults that are progressing well in various working sports.

German Shepherd Show Lines For Sale

These beautiful dogs not only show what a German Shepherd should look like, they posses working ability as well. These dogs make great family companions as well as show and prospects. Their bloodlines are full of top placing conformation dogs that perform well in working events as well. Sacramento German Shepherd Puppies and Training is available for all breeds.

Malinois Police Dogs For Sale

The German Dog Training Center now has Malinois imported from Germany. These dogs come from driven working lines and make phenomenal police and protection dogs.

Schutzhund Training

Sacramento dog training by the best!  Thomas Sauerhoefer has nearly 30 years experience training, handling and doing helper work in Schutzhund. He has successfully titled over 350 dogs in his 30 year career. From a BH, to Schutzhund and IPO titles, Thomas can train your dog.

Basic & Advanced Obedience Training

Dogs make better family companions when they are obedient and Thomas has the experience to train all breeds of dogs. Basic, Advanced or a custom obedience program can be set to fulfill you and your dog’s needs. Thomas has the experience to help with behavior problems as well. Call or email German Dog¬†Training Center now, to decide what Sacramento dog training program you need.

We have Sacramento German Shepherd Puppies for sale!