German Shepherd Police Dogs for Sale

German Shepherd Police Dogs for Sale

Police K9
Law Enforcement K9
Military K9

We are proud to be suppliers of Police K9, Law Enforcement K9, Military K9, as well as providing working/Service Dogs to agencies and organizations. We are always looking for new partnership opportunities. If your organization is currently seeking suppliers for Working Service dogs, please contact us. Zwinger vom Heidelberger-Schloss offers the absolute highest quality working dogs imported from Europe. All of our dogs are 100% guaranteed to meet the needs and expectations of our clients.

Malinois 2 years old, Certified in Narcotics Detection


Dutsh Shepherd 2 Years Old

Trained as an attack dog and for building searches

Dutsch Shepherd Police dog

Malinois Male 3 years old

Super Multi-Purpose dog

Police Dogs for Sale