Purchase Agreement

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Zwinger vom Heidelberger Schloss Purchase Agreement


  • DOG'S INFORMATION - The Following is a description of the dog being purchased.


  • Buyer may, within 72 hours of receiving the dog into his/her possession, return the dog to seller in the same condition delivered, without question. Buyer will be subject to a restock fee of 25% of the dog's purchase price. The cost and related expenses of returning the dog to seller's place of business shall be buyer's sole obligation. If buyer decides not to take delivery of the dog the re-stock fee still applies as a non-refundable deposit.

  • The dog will have passing hip certification from a recognized registry (i.e. SV, USA, OFA). If not, Seller agrees to provide current hip x-ray at time of sale showing no evidence of debilitating hip dysplasia. If too young for x-ray puppy will not have developed debilitating hip dysplasia within one year of age.

  • Buyer agrees pursuant to purchase of puppy that the dog will be registered under the kennel name of the Seller.

  • As of the date of delivery, The puppy/dog is in good health and free from communicable diseases.

  • Dog/Puppy will receive full registration.

  • Buyer is aware that if the deposit is for a puppy not yet born it is possible that there may not be one available due to circumstances beyond the seller's control, i.e. female did not conceive, not enough puppies were born etc. Seller will notify Buyer when it is known that a puppy is not available. The deposit is non-refundable, Buyer will select a puppy from another breeding of their choice, depending on availability.

  • Seller has first right of refusal in the event that Buyer wants to sell dog.

  • At time of delivery Buyer assumes full liability for the Dog and it's releases all ownership responsibilities to the Buyer and makes no written or expressedactions. The Seller releases all ownership responsibilities to the Buyer and makes no written or expressed warranties for the future handling of the Dog.